The Professional Microcurrent Ninja Training based on the earlier DENAS PCMs and can be used for any SCENAR, ENART etc. This is the full access training with 24/7 support so that you can learn about the settings on your device. During the first 4 weeks you will have become skillful in collecting data, energizing the body and solving your pain competently and confidently - and connecting with your BIG Dream ... To attain this you will have applied the #1 Rule and the Ninja data technique that uses daily diagnostic measurements that become the basis for self assessment and predicting changes in your body. For most people pain levels will have reduced phenomenally, even completely for increasing time intervals. However as you become more energized and active and exercise more, older issues surface and continuing need supporting as they appear. And to attain your fullest rejuvenation potential you'll learn techniques to achieve better longer lasting results by enhancing the body's electrical properties with meditation, nutrition and how to use the circadian rhythms that deeply influence the body.
Three Months Minumum Training and Coaching $2997 - inlcudes 24+ Training worth $497
  • Microcurrent Ninja Training for all SCENAR
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    Microcurrent Ninja Training with weekly group-on-one and 24/7 Facebook Microcurrent Study group support..
    Instructor: Benedick Howard
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